Food Pantry

The Food Bank provides monthly food distributions to communities, aiding their transition and supporting other nonprofits.

The “Food Pantry” program, an initiative by the Dream Center, is dedicated to addressing the basic food needs of our surrounding community. We not only provide essential food resources but also support individuals in their journey towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Month after month, vast quantities of food are diligently distributed to different communities through our programs, as well as in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations.

Our vision is rooted in the reality that in North Carolina alone, an alarming 1,248,880 individuals grapple with hunger. Among these, 353,450 are children. To make our services easily accessible, we’ve facilitated a simple system where individuals can schedule pantry appointments online, via phone, or directly in person at 336 Ray Ave.

We believe in community participation and, therefore, invite individuals to contribute to our mission actively. By signing up online, you can join us in stocking the pantry and serving our guests, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in our community.

Schedule A Pantry Appointment

You can schedule a pantry appointment via phone or can visit the center directly at 336 Ray Ave in Fayetteville.

Serve with Manna Dream Center

Make a lasting impact in our community by serving at the Manna Dream Center;
your time and effort can transform lives!